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New Cup Water Machine

As Turanbey packaging machines, we have achieved another first.
We are very happy to be with the water sector at the Sutef water, beverage and technologies fair, to know such a machine and robot. We are very pleased with this interest.

Our machine consists of 3 main parts. The first section is the section for making cardboard parcels. In this section, our machine takes cardboard from the cardboard receiving section and first turns it into parcels.
it automatically folds. It performs banding by closing its lower covers. In this way, the robot comes to the front of the robot for parcel filling without touching it.
In the second part of our system, the robot starts to work. Our robot works with a vacuum system and takes glass water thanks to the suction cups and places it in a regular order (20 or 20 pieces).
In addition, it completes the process by placing a separator between the glasses, that is, between the floors.
After that, as the third and last section, it closes the top covers of these parcels and automatically taps the parcels and makes them ready for shipment or warehouse.

The history of the Turanbey machine is quite old. It was established in a small workshop in the 1980s.
Starts to make semi-automatic food packaging and packaging machines. In 1994, he made his official acquisition into a company and took great steps towards institutionalization.
It has continued to take more confident steps on its way by making a serious business sharing among the partners. Currently, Konya manufactures machinery in an area of ​​two thousand square meters in the organized industry.
Turanbey machine manufactures all kinds of food packaging machines. Turanbey machine is sister companies with turangil machine. They have signed many projects jointly.
We do our job with love and pleasure, we believe that this is the secret of our success.

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