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Turanbey Kurumsal
HIGH CAPACITY / LAST SYSTEM / NEW TECHNOLOGY TURANBEY PACKING & SHRINK & ROBOT As TURANBEY Packaging Machines, we have 35 years of experience. Founded by the late Aziz TURAN, TURANBEY company is managed by HALİM TURAN and MEHMET AKIF TURAN. ; We continue to produce new packaging and filling machines without sacrificing quality, technology and confidence for our customers. Ongoing packing machines; powder sugar and pulses. packaging machines that must be used to fill the products; Full-Square Karussell (SQUARE PACKAGE) Pulses Packing Machines Scale System POWDER SUGAR AND PULSES. Products Packaging Machinery Volimetric System Pulses (chickpeas, rice, burger etc.) Vertical Filling Machines Screw System Powder products (starch, flour, spices, etc.) Packing Filling Machines Dual System Packing Vertical Vertical Packing Machines Ready made PAPER, BAG, BAG, POCKET, etc. Packing Machines Stick (salt, powdered sugar, etc.) Packaging Machines Liquid Filling and Labeling Machines Pastry Forming Machines Fully Automatic SHRINK PACKING MACHINES Fully Automatic Sided Feeding (Chrome Nickel Stainless Steel) 5 LT. TINKE OILS Shrink Packaging Machine Fully Automatic Front Feeder (Chrome Nickel Stainless Steel) SHIRT, BATTERY, BOX Shrink Packaging Machine 1. ONLY ONE IN TURKEY which our shrink packaging machines, especially 5 LT. We use the shrink machine which is used in shrinking of OILS; HIGH PERFORMANCE, FAULTLESS, USE EFFICIENCY AND RECENT SYSTEM A technological machine. 2. Turkey are also our employees, including more than one machine. Besides this, 5 LT. It also addresses pet waters. There are many types of shrink machines available. The shrink can be divided into groups according to the product. Side-feed or front-feed shrink machine: can be used in tin-fired oil-filled boxes, pet bottles, etc. When you shrink from the side or front, we mean: automatically shrink your product by hand or front feed your products ready to shrink, then shrink the product first, then pass through the heat tunnel and the shrink function is done and the product becomes ready. 1. There are normal manual shrink models, these machines are not automatic machines which are operated by staff. The working system is the same. The products are put in order among the staff and they are ready for the tunnel exit product which is driven towards the nail and the heat tunnel is pushed towards. Fully Automatic WELDING MACHINES FULL AUTOMATIC PACKAGING WATER COLLECTION ROBOTU AND CARDBOARD COILING MACHINES Full Auto 1 LT. PHARMACEUTICAL BOTTLES AND OIL BOTTLES. Dredging Robot and Carton Boxing Machines Full Automatic Carton Preparation Machines FULL AUTOMATIC CARDBOARD COILING MACHINES As Turanbey packaging machines, we have signed another one. Our machine and our robot are working like this. Our machine consists of 3 main parts. The first part is carton parcels. In this section, the carton picks up the carton papers from the carton receiving section first. It automatically folds. Closes the bottom covers and performs taping. On this count, the robot comes to the front for filling the parcel without touching the hand.
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