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General features
  • The products coming from the production filling line come to Fully Automatic Carton Filling Robot and grouped in desired quantity. Fully Automatic Carton Preparation Machine from the carton, vacuum suction cups or gripper (hold-compression) system by holding the products into the box. It is capable of filling 2 boxes at the same time. Optionally, it places the products in multiple layers in the same cartons and puts an intermediate carton. The cartons that are filled out are taped in the Automatic Carton Closing and Banding Machine by closing the top covers. Thus, the packaging process is done without touching. There are 2 servo motors in the robot section. Speed ​​Control Drives and PLC touch operator screen are used. Thanks to the display, all commands are monitored. Servo Motor makes filling very fast. In addition, the robot moves aesthetically and suspensively. In this way, the robot, made the forward-backward and up-down movements without feeling.
  • It increases the production capacity of the factory efficiently and reduces personnel costs and our system is patented for every sector.
  • Our machine consists of 3 main parts.
  • In chapter 1, it automatically makes the box itself.
  • In section 2, the robot automatically fills the products into the box.
  • In section 3, it automatically tapes the carton to pack it.

Application Videos

  • Intermediate Carton (separator) putting system
  • Interchangeable product holder (head) to pack multiple types and sizes of products in one machine
  • Fully Automatic Carton Unpacking-Preparation and Bottom Banding Machine
  • Full Automatic Carton Top cover Sealing and Top Banding Machine
  • Intermediate conveyor belts and output idler belt
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