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General features
  • Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine stretches the stretch film on the pallet without damaging your products. Thus, the packaging cost of palletized products is reduced and time is saved. In addition, thanks to the pre-stretching motor, it provides 2 times more use by extending the stretch. It protects the product from damages such as dust, moisture, tipping, etc. during transportation and storage.

Application Videos

Products Paletli Ürünler Electrical Connection 220 V / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 1900 x 1700 x 1950 mm
• 2.10 meter and 3.10 meter maximum pallet length option.
Rotary Table Unit: Ø 1650 mm - 1800 mm - 2000 mm
• Loading ramp with pallet truck.
• Rotary table, up and down movement speed adjustment with speed control drives.
Pallet length detection feature with photocell sensor
Adjustable Number of Top and Bottom Winding feature
Memory Recording Feature with Recipe
• Slow start and slow finish, stop where it started.
• Power Requirement: 220V | 50HZ | 1PH
• Turntable Speed: 1-10 Turns / Min.
• Maximum Pallet Weight: 2000 kg
Door safety switches and sensors for work safety also in machines
• The machine is installed on-site by our assembly team, given operating training, and delivered with usage and maintenance instructions.
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