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General features
It performs the shrinking process in a serial way by covering the products conveyed to the front feeding band with packaging without human touch.

It also allows boxes to be combined into multiple groups to become a single whole.

We meet the demands of a wide range of customers in various sectors such as food, beverage, medicine, chemistry, cosmetics, paint, printing and automotive. It provides easy and safe packaging in pan or non-pan products. In this way, it both visualizes the products and reduces the parcel cost.

Application Videos

Production from static painted or complete chrome stainless steel
Front feed or side feed grouping system depending on the method of coupling to the production line
Jaw length from 60 cm to 120 cm and tunnel size option according to the largest product; According to the size of the products you will work with, the standard manufacturing dimensions of the machine are also changed and a healthier work is provided.
Soft press plunger for fixing the product during the cutting and pasting process
Tunnel transport system (silicone coated shafts, wire mesh band, teflon mesh band or heat resistant plastic modular band)
Side ironing rolls at the tunnel exit
Operator Control System: 7 ”Touchscreen PLC Screen
P.I.D. Adhesion is provided by the Electronic Temperature Control System.
Capacity: 8-12 Packs / Min. (According to product size)
Bottom and top motorized film drive mechanism
Adjustable tunnel conveyor speed
All electrical cables inside the tunnel are non-flammable, outer shielded cables.
Required air pressure: 5 - 6 bar
Electricity: 380 V. 50-60 Hz. 1 Ph
The machine is installed on-site by our assembly team, given operating training, and delivered with usage and maintenance instructions.
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