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General features
Volumetric System Packaging Machines; It prepares your products in a healthy and untouched manner. Products weighed by volume pack your products in high quality with their simplicity, fast weighing and advanced packaging capability due to their efficiency in our industry. Our machines, which reach the highest possible speeds, can meet all kinds of needs by realizing a wide variety of package types in one machine.

Application Videos

Ability to work with two different weights with double system volumetric weighing.
Packing collars from 100 gr to 5000 gr
Hot and cold jaw working system
Various package types; Pillow, bellows, sitting, set of packages.
Different types of adhesion system applications; Impulse adhesion, flip-over bag, easy open pack, euro-slot, round hole, string pack, straight cut, notched cut, and zig-zag cut.
Operator Control System: 7 ”Touchscreen PLC Screen
Capacity: 30-45 packs / min. (By weight)
P.I.D. Heat Control System provides smooth and stable adhesion
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